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Hopium Machina: the first French hydrogen car will be unveiled in June

The French startup Hopium has just revealed new images of its future hydrogen car and confirmed the presentation of the first prototype in June.

Born from the imagination of racing driver Olivier Lombard, the Hopium Machina is paving its way. Announced last year, this first French hydrogen car continues to be stripped away. After broadcasting a first preview of the platform in January, the manufacturer has just published a new series of images. Illustrating the first prototype in preparation, these give a glimpse of the design work of Felix Godard, designer of the machine.
A hydrogen car with 1000 km of autonomy
A truly exceptional vehicle, the Hopium Machina promises more than 500 horsepower and a top speed of 230 km/h. If the capacity of the tanks is still not announced, the claimed autonomy amounts to 1000 km, all with a refueling time of only three minutes.

The presentation of the first prototype of the Hopium Mãchina is expected in June.
link to the article: https://www.h2-mobile.fr/actus/hopium-premiere-voiture-hydrogene-francaise-devoilee-juin/

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