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Hydrogen System

1. What are the advantages of hydrogen when used as a fuel?
Most users have savings between 20 and 30% on fuel consumption. There are cases of higher results. Hydrogen reduces fuel consumption by raising octanes and forcing the fuel to burn more efficiently. Higher octanes, more power, more fuel ignition efficiency and more miles per litre. hydrogen also cleans carbon deposits in the engine. The gaseous emissions are pure water. This saves you fuel, money and the environment. 

2. This breaks with the laws of thermodynamics. It shouldn\'t work!
A common mistake is that it takes more energy to produce hydrogen than the energy it releases. This is true, only if we take into account the electrolysis process, but when the gas

l\'hydrogen is mixed with our usual fuel inside the engine, this burns the fuel molecules better and more efficiently thus releasing much more energy than before. This is why

l\'hydrogen works.

3. Can this system improve performance?
Yes, injecting hydrogen into your engine will help clean the inside of your engine. It will increase horsepower and reduce pollutants from your exhaust system.
Hydrogen burns morefaster than petrol or diesel. This allows your vehicle to run longer and more efficiently.

4. Is the hybrid system more prone to rust or corrosion?
No, normal fossil fuel [petrol or diesel] produces enough heat during combustion to vaporize the water that comes directly out of the exhaust

5. Does the generator work with diesel, gasoline or LPG vehicles?
Yes, it works with all vehicles equipped with internal combustion engines.

6. Can the hydrogen generator cause some short or long term damage to my engine?
No, the hydrogen generator does not cause problems..

7. What type of routine maintenance is needed?
Filling the tank with distilled water if necessary. Every 1000 km you will need 1 liter of water. Every three to six months, depending on frequency of use, it is recommended to drain and flush the system and replace with fresh distilled water and electrolyte.

8. What is the electrolyte used?
The best electrolyte is KOH (Potassium Hydroxide). Very low price and easy to find.

9. Can the generator water freeze in winter?
No, if you add about 20-25% alcohol to the solution to prevent freezing in winter.

10. I must always use distilled water?

Distilled water is virtually pure water. Other types of water such as tap water, mineral water, pond water, sea water, etc., will work, but they will also quickly cause the electrolyte to become "muddy", causing due to minerals and impurities in the water. The muddy electrolyte will build up on the generator plates and act as an insulator causing a reduction in hydrogen production. The same is true with many types of electrolytes, especially containing sodium, such as baking soda or sodium hydroxide (caustic soda). Sodium will quickly contaminate the electrolyzer plates which will become more inefficient.

 11. The hydrogen generator can explode?
No. Hydrogen production is on demand. You will only have hydrogen when your vehicle is in motion. Unlike pressurized gas tanks, there is only a small amount of hydrogen pressure in the system.

12. What kind of warranty is there for my hydrogen generator?
2 years warranty for unit parts, repair or replacement.

13. In case of accident the generator can explode?Absolutely not, all you will have is water and electrolyte in the field.

14. Can we use the hydrogen generator on an electric generatorYes, the generator can be used on any electric generator.


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