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Hydrogen generators

Fuel economy

Reduction of emissions

Extended motor life

How it works ?


- Fuel saving up to 30%

- Reduction of CO2 emissions

- Increases engine life

- Increases power and performance

- Reduced engine temperature

- Removes carbon residues

- Reduced engine vibration

Eco-innovative system

Thanks to the Hydrogen system, you will use your usual fuel with hydrogen produced in your own car by a process called electrolysis.

The produced hydrogen gas is then sucked by the engine into the combustion chamber, through the air intake, where it will mix with your normal fuel (gasoline, diesel, LPG).

This increases the octane rating of the air/fuel mixture and allows the fuel to burn almost completely, thus reducing the amount of pollutants emitted from the exhaust.

How hydrogen works in the engine

Research and studies show that the use of Hydrogen technology on cars is a reality. With the additional addition of hydrogen gas (HHO), the engines consume less fuel and produce less CO2 and CO emissions.

Experiments were carried out in order to evaluate the influence of the addition of HHO gas on a direct injection diesel engine. Research shows that the additional addition of hydrogen can improve combustion efficiency.

Hydrogen, an ecological solution