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How does the system work?

How hydrogen works in the engine

The engine works with pistons, which rapidly move forward and backward at a constant rate. When a piston moves back, this will create a vacuum which allows air and fuel to be sucked into the engine (combustion chamber). As it advances, the air/fuel mixture will be compressed and a spark plug will ignite the start of combustion. In a perfect engine the start of combustion must take place only when the compression of the piston is maximum. But, indeed, most engines fire too early and do not completely burn the fuel. This will create inefficiency and will increase fuel consumption and create more pollution.

When Hydrogen gas mixes with your fuel, it will increase the octanes and compression needed to ignite the air/fuel mixture. This way the piston will more fully compress the fuel before it ignites and the extra hydrogen will allow for better combustion and lower CO2 emissions. It also adds a little more power to the engine.

Research shows that adding hydrogen gas allows the engine to operate with a more favorable air/fuel ratio. Without hydrogen, the fuel/air stoichiometric ratio is 1 to 14.7 (mass). With hydrogen, the engine can run with a gasoline/air ratio of 1 to 20 or more.

Hydrogen gas does not give more energy to the engine, however, its presence works as a reformer – it helps the heavy fuel molecules to burn completely. That is, the small amount of hydrogen in the engine burns more fuel, which changes the conventional fuel/air stoichiometric ratio to a more favorable position.

The installation of the hydrogen kit on your car is reversible and you can always remove it and return to normal fuel.

In fact, installing ahydrogen generatordoes not physically touch the engine or the fuel tank.This device therefore does not need a certification process, or the agreement of an insurance plan. There is no legal text prohibiting the use of hydrogen generators.

There is therefore no need for special approval because our hydrogen generators are considered as fuel savers which do not change the technical characteristics of the vehicle.

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