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The advantages of liquid hydrogen

Hydrogen kits which generate liquid hydrogen and which directly inject this hydrogen into the intake of diesel or petrol engines are an interesting alternative for improving energy efficiency and reducing polluting emissions from vehicles. These kits use an electrolysis system to produce hydrogen from water, then inject that hydrogen into the engine intake, where it mixes with existing fuel to improve combustion.

The use of these kits allows a significant reduction in greenhouse gas and fine particle emissions, because hydrogen is a clean fuel that only produces water when combining with oxygen in the air . In addition, the use of hydrogen in combination with a diesel or gasoline engine helps increase energy efficiency by reducing heat losses in the combustion system.

It is important to note that installing a hydrogen kit to generate liquid hydrogen and inject directly into the intake of a diesel or gasoline engine requires technical expertise to ensure correct installation and safe use. Additionally, liquid hydrogen must be stored and transported in safe conditions to avoid any risk of fire or explosion.

In summary, it is an ecological and effective alternative to improve energy efficiency and reduce polluting emissions from vehicles.

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