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Precise HHO Generator Control with Automatic Current Sensing. Fully enclosed, intended to control up to 60A 12/24V DC.

With ammeter and voltmeter

Our products are manufactured in the European Union by our CompanyHHO Plus, in compliance with industrial manufacturing techniques and standards for this type of product.

 NEW TECHNOLOGY:NewCCPWM60A (Frequency modulator by constant current pulses)will allow you to always have the same amperage and HHO output, regardless of temperature, electrolyte concentration or water levels in the tank. This device keeps the amperage at a set value regardless of operating conditions...In our opinion the new CCPWM is the best solution for the professional market, as there will be no possibility of error. We can add more or less electrolyte than the amperage and HHO gas output will always stay with the same value.

One of the most important components of a good HHO gas system is theCCPWM. This electronic box changes the frequency of the current to increase the production of hydrogen.

There are two possibilities to power the HHO generator. You can do it with direct current direct current (when you turn the ignition key, the simple direct current of the battery injected directly into the electrodes of the generator) or via a frequency modulator –Pulse Width Modulator.

This method uses the same connection, but a modulator is added to the power supply. This PWM modulator pulses the current at a frequency you determine and limits the amperage to the value you decide.

NewCCPWM60A, has been designed to make automatic powering of the HHO system without the need for relays or picking up the signal from the alternator / ignition key, making the system safer to use and easier to install.

theCCPWM60Aworks with current voltage information of your car/truck:

- Motor stopped - voltage 12V or 24V - PWM does not work;

- Motor works - voltage 13.8V or 27.6V - PWM works.

theCCPWM60Aperforms automatic engine operation detection and HHO system power management automatically, without additional requirements. The device switches off automatically when the engine is stopped. The box is also able to be controlled by a tank water level probe. HHO cell power is cut off when the level drops below a certain point.

The CCPWM60A includes an ammeter and a voltmeter for better regulation of the HHO system.

What is the difference of using a PWM?

1. The modulator allows you to more easily control the generator power supply. This is a huge advantage when it comes to optimizing your installation settings. The PWM will limit the amperage to the value you decide, regardless of the amount of electrolyte present in the solution. It is easier to optimize the ideal amount of H2 gas for your car.

2. With PWM, your generator will produce more gas with the same amperage, at a lower temperature and will have a longer life.

3. It will make the system HHOeasier and safer to install and use, as there will be no need for a relay or picking up the signal from the alternator / ignition key like in other PWMs on the market.

Technical specifications

• Power supply: 12/24 VDC (automatic selection)

• Heat sink: 60A MOSFET T0-220

• Operating current: 12/24 VDC / 60A max

• Output: 0-100%

• Dimensions: 110X85X40 mm

• Direct connection from battery input to HHO CELL generator, without external relays;

• 60A MAX HHO Cell power supply;

• 60A external automotive fuse;

• Dual LED meter: voltmeter + ammeter, 5 to 40V, 60A;

• Auto detect battery voltage and auto configuration for: +12V/+24V power supply;

• Quad operational chip sensor with 1% tolerance Zenner voltage detector;

• Auto power ON HHO Cell when the engine is running;

• 1 Second delay PWM control, after engine ON is detected;

• Auto Power OFF HHO Cell when engine is turned OFF;

• Soft PWM startup to the max ampere out power supply;

• Embedded trimmer for PWM control: 0 - 100% HHO Cell power supply;

• Logical IC sensor;

• Embedded 4 way power barrier: Positive, Gnd, CELL - OUT, CELL + OUT;

• Optional water tank sensor switch embedded on system;

• Compact black ABS cabinet + Alluminium dissipator for the 60A Mosfet;

• Dimensions: 110X85X40 mm.