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EFIE-DCP Regulator
EFIE-DCP Regulator

EFIE-DCP Regulator

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Electronic fuel injection regulator digital control panel

Fuel economy for Truck

In the early days of HHO technology, many trucks could not achieve fuel savings greater than 22.5% due to the strict parameters of their computer management systems. These trucks have electronic fuel injection with advanced ECUs (engine control units with Euro IV and V modules) and some simply would not improve fuel economy beyond a certain programmed value.

As HHO technology advances, more trucks can now benefit from it despite these ECU limitations. The new EFIE-DCP Electronic Fuel Injection Booster is one of the newest products to address these issues and solve the limitations of many modern vehicle ECUs, now delivering high fuel savings in trucks and the most modern cars.

What is an EFIE-DCP?

The EFIE-DCP is the most advanced Electronic Fuel Injection Amplifier (EFIE) on the market. It uses OBD scan tools allowing real-time monitoring of the MAF/MAP sensor (air flow sensor) and two oxygen sensors (lambda probes). With the digital control panel, you will be able to check the performance of the engine by looking at several available parameters:

Coolant temperature in degrees Celsius;
Vehicle speed in km/h;
Engine speed in rpm;
MAF rate in g/s;
Voltage oxygen sensor;
Fuel trim in %;
Fuel consumption gph in l/100 km.

All regulations made in the EFIE-DCP can be instantly monitored by looking at the panel and the effect on fuel consumption assessed. You will no longer need to do "blindfold" regulations like in other EFIEs available on the market. This means greater fuel savings in your car or truck.

Also, normal EFIEs only allow one possible point of regulation, which causes some problems because when we drive, we are constantly changing vehicle speed and engine performance. This unique tuning position will never match your car\'s performance perfectly, causing problems as sometimes the engine light should be on or causing poor fuel economy results.

To solve this problem our new EFIE-DCP has 4 programs (4 regulation points) which will be activated automatically according to the speed of the vehicle:

Program 1 - Speed below 40 km/h;
Program 2 - Speed between 40 and 80 km/h;
Program 3 - Speed between 80-120 km/h;
Program 4 - Speed above 120 km/h.

This means that when you start driving, the first program will be activated and will regulate your MAP/MAF and oxygen sensors to a certain ratio (ex: 10% signal regulation). When you increase your speed, the following program is activated and starts the regulation according to the new driving conditions (ex: 20% signal regulation) - Automatic speed regulation

All of these features make our new EFIE-DCP the most advanced electronic fuel injection booster on the market, delivering the highest possible fuel savings using hydrogen technology.

Possible sensor configurations

Depending on your installation configuration, you must activate the sensors in order to be able to regulate and modify the electronic injection. You can work with the following options:

3 upgraded sensors - 1 x MAF/MAP + 2 x Lambda sensors;
2 upgraded sensors - 1 x MAF/MAP + 1 x Lambda sensors;
2 Upgraded Sensors - 2 x Lambda Sensors;
1 Enhanced Sensor - 1 x MAF/MAP;
1 Upgraded Sensor - 1 x Lambda Sensor.

What is included in the package?
The EFIE digital control panel package includes the following:

1 main connection box
1 digital control panel
1 connection cable
4 red Scotchlock terminals.
What protocols can be used?

Support for all legislated OBD II protocols:
• ISO 15765-4 (CAN)

• ISO 14230-4 (Keyword Protocol 2000)

• ISO 9141-2 (Asian, European, Chrysler vehicles)

• SAE J1850 VPW (GM vehicles)

• SAE J1850 PWM (Ford vehicles)

Support for non-legislated OBD I protocols:
• ISO 15765

• ISO 11898 (CAN brut)

Support OBD SAE J1939 protocol
Software updates

You will have the possibility to update the software on the EFIE-DCP according to the software versions of our team. You just need to download the latest update and transfer it to an SD memory card. All you have to do is insert it into the built-in side SD card slot and restart the EFIE-DCP. Simple and fast you will have new features available from time to time!

With the correct selection of the HHO kit, we advise the installation of the MAF/MAP Enhancer control unit in all modern common rail, Euro IV and Euro V diesel trucks.