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Puce HEC - HHO EFIE Chip 200mhz microprocessor

More Fuel Savings

In the early days of HHO technology, some vehicles were unable to achieve fuel savings greater than 30% due to the limiting parameters of their electronic fuel injection systems. These cars have very advanced on-board computers (ECU) (Euro modules IV and V) and some simply do not allow savings beyond certain programmed base values.
With advances in HHO technology, more and more vehicles are able to reap the benefits, despite on-board computer restrictions. The new HHO Chip (HEC) is one of the newest products to address and solve the limitations of more modern cars.

With the new HEC chip the fuel savings can be higher. By using hydrogen gas as a supplement to your fuel, the HEC will automatically adjust the injection to optimize combustion efficiency. When the H2 system is not in operation, the HEC will automatically adjust the injection information for the original maps.

What is HEC – H2 EFIE Chip?

The HEC is a chip with a 200 MHz high-speed microprocessor that communicates directly with the ECU through the OBD-II port. It has been specifically developed for the needs of cars equipped with HHO generators in a dynamic way. This means the HEC will consider exhaust oxygen levels, engine speed and power demand, air temperature and mass, and many other variables to determine the most efficient fuel injection timing. up to 256 charging points.

How does the HEC-H2 EFIE Chip work?

Each on-board computer presents a three-dimensional table of values, called Map. This table determines the fuel injection rate according to certain conditions (ex: air temperature and density, engine speed, …).

From the factory, the Map is generic and intended to provide slow style, no conduction surprises for a wide range of drivers. This is mostly limiting to the benefits of HHO systems and their ability to "burn" fuel better with a richer air/fuel mixture.

The HEC chip fixes this problem by providing a pre-programmed and highly tuned map to the ECU. The Tuned Map contains a set of variables that allow for better fuel combustion efficiency. When the ECU tries to read specific factory maps, the HEC chip replaces the original values with new values.

In this way, when the HEC recognizes a working HHO system, parts of the factory Map are temporarily replaced with enhanced variables from the tuned Maps. And yes, it is easy to remove and restore the computer to factory settings when desired.

How to install?

Simply locate the OBD-II port, connect the HEC to the four wires found behind the port and that\'s it. Bring the car to normal operating temperature and then press the reset button to start saving fuel.

Additional Information

The HEC is compatible with supercharged turbos, diesel and gasoline engines and Flexifuel. It is not compatible with hybrid, propane or natural gas cars. Each unit is ready to install with instructions provided by a leaflet.