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Kit GT4000 T
Kit GT4000 T
Kit GT4000 T

Kit GT4000 T

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Kit HHO Complet 29 Plates for Engines < 10'000 cm3

Technical data and additional information:

- Type of generator: Dry Cell;

- Dimensions standard: 110x110x110 mm;

- Plates: 13;

- Tension: 12V;

 - Standard electrical connection of the cubicle:

+ NNNNN - NNNNN + (N - neutral plate)

- Hydrogen production: 1.0 liters per minute (12A);

- Optimal electrical current: 6-8A.

Kit contents:
This kit is sold complete and ready to be connected:

- HHO gas generator - Dry cell with 13 plates in 316L stainless steel;

- Sealed tank (1 liter volume) with easy level check and opening for filling;

- Oversized 30A-12V DC control relay

- Electric cable HO7V-K of 6 mm2, in red and black colors, suitable for the connection and electrical connection of the kit;

- Fuse holder for large amperage plate fuse;

- 20A plate fuse

- Non-return safety valve;

- Terminals and pre-insulated accessories for connections to the power source (battery), relay, generator and ground;

- Hose for high pressure gas;

- Hose for the electrolyte in PVC Cristal;

- Includes all connectors and sockets necessary for connection

- Electrolyte - Potassium hydroxide (KOH) in sufficient quantity

- Booster for the lambda probe - electronic fuel injection;

Installation instructions in French(E-book).

Highlights of our products

 Generator Dimensions -The small size of our generators allows easy installation in all cars. The dry cell can also be installed in a horizontal or vertical position allowing for greater flexibility in installation.

 HHO gas production- Despite its efficiency, the cell is of relatively small size in proportion to the quantity of gas supplied and will ensure optimal operation over time. Also the easy reconfiguration of the plates (plus, minus and neutral) by a system of terminals allows an optimization of the production according to your needs.

Generator Plates -The plates are made of 316 L stainless steel laser cut and with a chemical and physical treatment specially designed by our team to extend the operating life of the generator. You will not see brown deposits forming in our dry cells. A manufacturer\'s certificate guarantees the quality and durability of the steel we use.

Generator Flanges -The new nylon flanges of the dry cell have been developed only for our generators. The good physical resistance and, above all, the thermal resistance (melting point 190-350°C) make nylon a material of choice for this type of product. As the generator will be installed in the engine compartment, where the temperature in summer can be very high, the good resistance of the materials is very important.

Seals– The seals used are special elastomers in EPDM (temperature limits for use: -40 to 220°C), with a square section and a large contact surface, specially designed for our generators. Optimal distribution of pressure over the entire joint surface.

bully- It performs several functions: flame arrester, gas dryer, eliminates a large part of the traces of electrolyte in the gas and allows the tank to be vented when the system is not in use