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Kit GT8000 T
Kit GT8000 T
Kit GT8000 T

Kit GT8000 T

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Complete HHO Kit with 56 Plates Hydrogen Dry Cell (Dry Cell)

for Trucks

Engines < 16'000 cm3

Technical Data and Additional Information:

- Type of generator: Dry Cell;

- Dimensions standard: 200x200x240 mm;

- Plates: 56;

- Tension: 24V;

- Optimal current: 35A 24V;

- Maximum current: 37.5A 24V;

- Power: 840W;

- Total production area: 9485 cm2;

- Hydrogen production: 4.0 liters per minute (35A 24V)

 Kit contents:

This kit is sold complete and ready to be connected:

- HHO gas generator - Dry cell of 56 plates in 316L stainless steel;

- Sealed polypropylene tank (12 liter volume) with easy level check and opening for filling;

- Oversized 40A-24V DC control relay

- Electric cable HO7V-K of 6 mm2, in red and black colors, suitable for the connection and electrical connection of the kit;

- Fuse holder for large amperage plate fuse;

- 50A plate fuse

- Pre-insulated lugs and accessories for connections and connections to the power source (battery), relay, generator and ground;

- Hose for high pressure gas;

- Hose for the electrolyte in PVC Cristal;

- Includes all connectors and sockets necessary for connection

- Electrolyte - Potassium hydroxide (KOH) in sufficient quantity

- Booster for the lambda probe - electronic fuel injection;

Detailed installation and commissioning instructions
(E-book by Download).