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LCD Ammeter
LCD Ammeter
LCD Ammeter

LCD Ammeter

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25A digital ammeter for HHO hydrogen kit

This ammeter will allow you to check the proper functioning of the HHO cell.

The kit includes:

- 1 digital ammeter 25 Amps

- 1 fusible standard.

- 1 12V battery

- 1 manual with assembly plan

Stay ahead of your mechanical and electrical problems with this handy ammeter.An accurate ammeter is the easiest way to identify a wide range of issues like engine or alternator problems or miswired components.


- Easy to read high visibility LCD display

- Easy installation that won\'t waste your time

- Will help you catch problems as long as they are small enough to fix

Measurement Panel Features:

- Display type: 7-segment, 3-1/2 digits

- Display color: black

- Power range: DC 5V--48V DC

- Current range: DC 0-24.99A (Max 20A 48V in 10 secs)

- Accuracy: ±0.2%

- Resolution: 0.001A or 0.01A

- Signal polarity: automatic display of minus signals

- Conversion rate: 2 to 3 readings per second

- Dimensions : 72x36x30mm