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Sensor regulator
Sensor regulator

Sensor regulator

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MAF/MAP sensor regulator for modern diesel trucks

MAP/MAF Voltage Modulator for Trucks

This small electronic box, called a MAP/MAF voltage regulator, acts in real time on the data reaching your car\'s computer. It allows this information to be corrected to adapt it dynamically to the use of an HHO generator. Once adjusted by you according to the parameters of your vehicle, the MAP/MAF regulator therefore optimizes the operation of the vehicle as much as possible according to the use of HHO gas.

Another advantage for happy users of diesel vehicles: most often you have to deal with probes with modern diesels and this regulator works wonders. Not to mention that even if you already save money by having an HHO generator on your diesel engine, it is very likely that the use of a MAP/MAF regulator will save you even more fuel!

This voltage modulator is used to manually control the injectors of the motor vehicle (electronic injection). Coupled with an HHO hydrogen generator, the MAP/MAF voltage modulator increases fuel savings.

With the correct choice of the HHO Kit, we strongly advise the installation of this MAF/MAP regulator box in all modern trucks.